Start your steampunks!

Start your steampunks!

I never felt satisfied with the steampunk pics of Lousiette – her outfits were never right. Then she wandered out in her onesie holding Daddy’s extendable magnet – and it all came together at last.



May 7, 2013 · 10:52

2 responses to “Start your steampunks!

  1. How adorable!! I love how well it all goes together, too – pulled together by that expression on her face (what is it, even, it’s not quite determination, not quite exasperation either, but it’s PERFECT) and the way she’s got one hand up to the goggles.

    • Louise Curtis

      jaqbuncad: The goggles were a Christmas present from CJ’s parents, and I wondered if they’d simply freak her out – they don’t; she finds them hilarious. And that’s how the idea of steampunking her happened.

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