Eight months old – and all’s well

This was the month Louisette had her skin tag removed (hence a couple of plaintive hospital photos), and the month it became impossible to hold her still in a standing position – she immediately starts walking (usually giggling maniacally as she does so).

Other months can be seen via here.


8 thoughts on “Eight months old – and all’s well

  1. What a gorgeous, happy little girl. You guys are clearly doing more than just something right. She’s adorable. Look forward to catching up and seeing her (and her parents) in person again.

  2. Where was the model village.
    I think we visited when we drove from Sydney to Melbourne via Canberra when Chloe was 2.
    Hoping we can plan our next trip soon.
    Helen inn England.

    • Ooh, I’d love love love to see you guys. Come anytime you like 🙂 The model village was Cockington Green – it’s surprisingly clever and funny.

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