On The Move

As of literally this morning, Louisette can do this:



Probably many of you are able to get on hands and knees quite easily. But this is where she was earlier this year – barely able to open her eyes, because the dimmest light was too much.




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6 responses to “On The Move

  1. Amazing! It’s wonderful and scary how quickly they grow and learn. Well done Louisette! 🙂

  2. CJ's mum

    Impressive stuff!

    • Louise Curtis

      CJ’s mum: I’m glad I was able to take photos or no-one would believe me. She is just so determined to be on the move – and so pleased when she has a new trick.

  3. W

    Quick, hide everything! Also, I think my ovaries just popped. Somehow. I’ll get over it.

  4. Louise Curtis

    “Quick! Hide everything!” was precisely my reaction. She certainly can’t crawl yet (not for at least another week), but she CAN push herself backwards. . . hilarious.

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