One quarter of her life in daily photos

Here is Louisette (not her real name, because this is the internet) from the first, second, third and now fourth month of her life. Last month she visited China and Hong Kong. This month she became obsessed with standing, attempting (unsuccessfully) to crawl, and looking at boys. She also had an ultrasound (just to confirm she’s okay, which she is), and her first play in a sandpit and in a paddle pool.















6 thoughts on “One quarter of her life in daily photos

  1. It’s kind of scary how much change happens in a month! And definitely cool, too. You may end up being responsible for me changing my mind about children (not that I want any, but that i don’t mind being around them so much.

  2. She’s definitely a little flirt – how many baby boys has she been hanging with?????? And I like the new layout, works much better on my small screen devices 😀

    • Ann: Plenty more boys she hasn’t even been photographed with – it seems the January baby boom this year was mostly boys. Louisette will be able to take her pick! I’m glad the new format works – it’s certainly less effort for me 🙂

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