Make your own pizza

Making your own pizza – especially with a group of friends who all bring ingredients – is so much fun. Every so often I come across an awesomeness that is so easy, so cheap, and so good. Don’t forget to play along at home. One had mars bars on top:

4 thoughts on “Make your own pizza

  1. Surely that’s not chocolate on top of that pizza. I’ve heard of dessert pizzas, but I wouldn’t like it mixed into a savoury pizza.

    • W: Yep, it is. I was so disappointed when he lost his nerve and just cooked a decent pizza, sans mars bars.

  2. Yummo, mars bar pizza! I work at a pizza shop, pizza is good stuff!!! Unless it’s that cheap crappy cardboard stuff with plastic cheese melted onto it. That’s not a REAL pizza… Pizza, delicious, delicious pizza. Making people fat since it was westernized. *randomly starts talking like an infomercial*

    • Bonnee: Good to see someone who works in food retail and doesn’t hate their product. I worked in a cardboard-style pizza shop for nine hours one time.

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