Make Baby Food

After going to an early parenthood class on solid food and finding out that you can puree vegies and keep them in the freezer for three months (two months longer than they need pureed food), I seized the moment and made psychedelic carrot mush (ingredients: carrots, water):












A month or two from now, my little girl will be eating this. After a host of feeding problems, that’s super exciting.

Here’s a photo Bonnie took of Louisette, by the way (keeping to the orange colouring of this entry):



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10 responses to “Make Baby Food

  1. Jolyon Bloomfield

    So, uh, what was wrong with that picture?

    • Louise Curtis

      Jolyon: Oh!! I remembered yesterday, but I wasn’t at home. The baby was not Louisette, but her cousin. . . which is why it was particularly funny when her Mum spotted everything else (the location at my mum’s, the outfit she recognised) but not the switched baby.

      • Jolyon Bloomfield

        Ah. I thought that might be the case when you initially posted it, and went looking through previous piccies of Louisette to determine if that hypothesis was correct, but the two of them do look quite similar, and I didn’t feel confident in making that accusation 😉

      • Louise Curtis

        Jolyon: Well done. I just edited the post to add the answer and a similarly-positioned photo of Louisette.

      • Ann

        What happened to that post? I cant even find it anymore to see the comparison?

      • Louise Curtis

        Ann: The comparison isn’t very good. Louisette’s arms and ears are smaller, and (not that you can tell in the pic) her eyes are blue. The other baby’s eyes are brown.

  2. My best tip for making baby foods is to be organised and think ahead! Whenever you’ve got some time, make up big batches of stuff, and freeze it. That way you’ll always have something ready to go. 🙂

    • Louise Curtis

      Stace: Definitely my plan! Since I first wrote that entry about a week ago, I’ve made three more types of baby food in different consistencies.

  3. Anonymous

    The photo is actually Bil’s, I just posted it on Facebook. His photographic skills are much better than mine!

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