All day today I’ve been so tired that I honestly am at the point where I lie down and feel like I need to hold on. The whole world is swaying gently from side to side. I can see it and feel it, and closing my eyes doesn’t help. Oh well. It doesn’t feel too bad, but I am officially Not Safe to Look After The Child Unsupervised, and have made sure CJ knows it.

I just had a nap of 1.5 hours, and was then sick.

A small defiant part of me wants to breastfeed on the Great Wall of China. I shall almost certainly have my chance next week, and I intend to take it.

I also had a genius idea for an original new children’s picture book. Hush hush, of course, since it’s all in the concept.

Look! A random picture from tomorrow’s entry!




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4 responses to “PS

  1. W

    Huzzah for new ideas! Not so much for sickness.

  2. Ann

    The truly awesome thing is that thanks to tropical Chinese weather, Louisette gets some quality bare arms and legs time rather than being a mummy in the ‘bracing’ weather currently experienced here at home. Enjoy it, because winter has started here the week!!!!

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