I bought these shoes for the upcoming China wedding. It’s so good to wear heels again, even if I seem to now be a size 11 (yikes).



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6 responses to “Heels

  1. W

    Nice shoes! And a good colour match with the dress.

    You’ll certainly be very tall as well!

    • Louise Curtis

      W: I’ve had to practise wearing them around the house. It’s been a while!

      • W

        I should mention that I have the opposit problem to you. You’re worried about having big feet for a woman; I have very small feet for a man.

      • Louise Curtis

        W: Huh. Not something I’d ever thought of, as a woman.

  2. They’re cute 🙂 I’m terrible with heels…

    • Louise Curtis

      Bonnee: I try to avoid walking up or down stairs in them if I’m carrying Lizzie, for reasons that are entirely self-explanatory.

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