Half her lifetime: Photos from month 1 to month 2

Here is the second month-long installment of the daily Louisette pictures. The first month is here. The Project 365 album (with my comments and others) is here. I update it pretty much every day.



When I say, “She gets more beautiful every day” I have proof that it’s the literal truth.


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9 responses to “Half her lifetime: Photos from month 1 to month 2

  1. Lillian Busch

    Love the photos. I have one of Andy asleep on a sleeping Craig’s Belly when we were in Japan. Love the last smiley one too. You all look well and happy xxx

  2. JT

    I’ve been far too slack in not visiting regardless of how busy life is!

    • Louise Curtis

      JT: Well don’t try and visit now, unless you want to meet our housesitters! We’re about to leave for China for two and a half weeks.

  3. CJ's mum

    A truly beautiful child 🙂

    • Louise Curtis

      CJ’s mum: Indeed. Her hair has just got to the point where it looks like normal, flowing hair (except for the punk-style sticking=up bit on top).

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