Enlighten Festival

Each year, Canberra has an Enlighten festival, with heaps of mostly free events including Ping Pong with paint, and a silent disco (dancers wear headphones. . . I heartily enjoyed watching them – holding a baby is an awesome excuse for being a wallflower).

On Friday night, CJ and Louisette and I went and saw some free Beethoven at the National Library, as part of the “Handwritten” exhibit currently happening there – including Beethoven’s own notes on some of the pieces played. How awesome is that?

After hearing and seeing some Beethoven, we walked outside to enjoy day one of the annual light sculptures (projected onto major buildings in central Canberra, and inspired by their contents) —

Then we wandered over to Questacon (that is, over the road) to see some more.

The festival (including light sculptures at the library, Questacon, Portrait Gallery, National Gallery, and Old Parliament House – all within walking distance) continues this weekend from 8pm Friday and Saturday night.

6 thoughts on “Enlighten Festival

    • W: It really made me miss you, since I’d never have heard about it (or bothered to go) without your recommendation.

  1. Wow, that’s totally awesome. Canberra’s a bit far away from me, but if it’s annual, I’ll definitely have to come and check it out some time 🙂

    • Bonnee: Do what we did and look at the whole web site so you can see several things in one night. The architectural art lends itself to picnics (they also sell food nearby, I believe).

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