Steambrain Punkstorm

I’ve decided to make a steampunk dress. It will be adjustable for pregnancy and non-pregnancy, breastfeeding and non-breastfeeding, hot weather and cold.

It will be dark blue, ankle length and sleeveless, made of medium-weight material that doesn’t wrinkle. Here’s the material, in fact: something called “classique suiting”, whatever that means.

It will have a high waist that gathers at the front just below the bust (that takes care of the pregnant/non part). It will probably have corset-style lacing between a deep V-neck at the front, which I hope will solve the problem caused by breasts that dramatically change in size (I’ll wear a singlet underneath in a contrasting colour). And there will be some kind of ingenious arrangement to assist with breastfeeding (a kind of sleeveless button-up jacket that can be attached to the dress to become one piece with it: I have the buttons). Having it sleeveless means I can wear warmer clothes underneath.

As much as possible, the mechanics of the dress will be visible and decorative – brass look press studs, for example.

So. . . ideas? I think an adjustable length at the front would be handy, but not necessary (pregnant belly lifts the hemline at the front). The breastfeeding arrangement will be the most complicated to design, I think. There will be layers.

Inspirational pictures of my kind of clothes. . .

PS I haven’t forgotten the promised map of steampunk literature – I have discovered a few more books I really need to read first. Yesterday I discovered Mark Hodder, thanks to the Steampunk Scholar I mentioned a few Steampunk Sundays ago.

4 thoughts on “Steambrain Punkstorm

  1. Now there’s a name I hadn’t even heard of – Mark Hodder. It seems it requires investigation! I look forward to your review.

    • W: When I think about reading the next little bit, I smile in anticipation. It’s a little like falling in love.

    • Bonnee: I’m very interested to see if my cunning plans work, or if I end up with an expensive sack. I’ve made clothes before, but making them actually fit is’t my forte. . .

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