A lifetime in pictures: The first month

I have taken at least one picture of Louisette every day since she was born. I’ll keep doing this until she’s at least a year old. There are comments here at Project 365.

It is already possible to see enormous changes. Here are the best (culled mercilessly, especially when she was photographed with other people – meaning that some very important people are not represented as they should be; Louisette, after all, is the star of this show):


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12 responses to “A lifetime in pictures: The first month

  1. JT

    That is awesome, what a great project. I should do something like that oneday….

  2. Anonymous

    I can’t wait to hold her!

  3. Pixie

    She looks like she’s already becoming so much more alert! Looks like she won’t be far off that first perfect gummy smile ❤

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