Lego + Steampunk

Welcome back to Steampunk Sundays.

I can’t put the pictures in here, because all rights are reserved, but for CJ if no-one else, I must must post you this link to ruined Victorian-era houses. . . made out of lego. It’s hauntingly beautiful AND fun for the whole family.

Hmm. . . no picture today. Whatever shall I do? I know!

3 thoughts on “Lego + Steampunk

    • Hmph. During the day, I’ll often put her down partially unwrapped or loose. I don’t mind her waking up during the day, or at least sleeping more lightly. We also deliberately open the curtains during the day. It all seems to be working thus far – she sleeps for much longer periods at night, when it’s dark and she’s tightly wrapped. She still hates having her legs free (and nudity is so much worse), but it’s only been two weeks.

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