“Clockwork Angel” by Cassandra Clare

Some of you will know Cassandra by the last name Claire, from when she wrote the Secret Diaries of the Lord of the Rings. (Very rude, very funny.)

When I read her original trilogy (very very quickly), my reaction was, “If only Twilight was like this!”

Clockwork Angel” is the first book in a prequel series called “The Infernal Devices”.

The rest of this review has been moved to Comfy Chair, where I get paid for it.



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6 responses to ““Clockwork Angel” by Cassandra Clare

  1. Anonymous

    I should probably read that at some stage then. Flaws aside, it looks like something I’ll enjoy.

  2. W

    Dangit! That was my comment. I forgot to put my details in.

    • Louise Curtis

      The anonymous W: If you don’t mind a major and slightly overwrought romance subplot, I’d definitely recommend it – but you will need to read all three.

      • W

        If I recall correctly, the second one has just come out, so it’s a start. 🙂 And I still remember the first three (and remember that the “Oh He’s So Pretty” thing was there, too).

      • Louise Curtis

        W: I guess that means the final installment will be out this time next year.

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