That Christmas Feeling

All of us know one: the friend who really, seriously loves Christmas. Mine makes dozens of gingerbread cookies, starts his pudding in June, and owns more decorations than some malls. His party is the one I’d never miss.







See that Christmas tree on the table? It’s made out of gingerbread and is over a foot high (it was his way of apologising for not making individual gingerbread houses this year – he finished his degree three days before the party). Our host is the one in the Christmas hat and apron over the Christmas T-shirt (like you couldn’t figure that out yourselves).

Kids, this is what Christmas spirit looks like.

5 thoughts on “That Christmas Feeling

  1. Is there going to be an exposé on your grinchiest friend too? I’d be up for that challenge. No decorations, no food, no family or friends invited around….. Just me and a hard drive 🙂

    • Ann: You’re definitely first runner-up. A stellar effort, particularly avoiding human contact on the day. But you and I have a mutual associate whose sheer hatred for all humanity outdoes anything you could come up with.

      • I think that that is one no-one will ever take away from said acquaintance! No-one will ever beat them for sheer hatred of social functions!!!

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