Here’s what December means to me:

1. No more driving to tutoring work – all my students’ assessment is finished, and only one continues in holidays (which is why I tend to have eight weeks with basically no income each year – which is why we always aimed to have a baby in the Christmas holidays).

2. Christmas. More baby loot! And books! And other stuff! Probably including chocolate!

3. It’s possible I’ll have a non-premmie baby THIS MONTH – and it’s absolutely definite that (assuming December passes without child-birth style incidents) I’ll have a baby next month.

4. It’s possible I’ll hear back from an exciting literary agent who requested the full manuscript of my steampunk novel (a British woman, as it happens) – but assuming December passes without response-type incidents, I’ll definitely hear back from her next month.

December is a shiny month for me. How is December for you?

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