Different Folks

CJ and I have a lot in common, which is handy. But every so often one or both of us realises how different we are.

Guess what these books are?



That’s the books CJ is “currently reading” from the library. Which is to say, there are more library books by the front door ready to be taken back – and there are other books CJ is currently reading. I read one book at a time – maybe two, in unusual circumstances.

When we married, CJ owned about four hundred books* and two hundred DVDs. I owned about half a dozen books (having relied on the library system for many years), and a similar number of DVDs.

There are other differences between us, too.

Our TV set top box has just died. Fortunately, it was bought by C “buy reputable brands and pay extra for an extended warranty” J, rather than Louise “if you can’t fix it with gaffa tape, live without” Curtis – so it’s covered by warranty.

Insert your own conclusion here.


*not the only reason I married him

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