Australian Steampunk

Yesterday’s steampunk panel was loads of fun. Myself, Dawn Meredith and Jane Virgo discussed the definitions of steampunk, why we love steampunk, and the little Australian steampunk that is now available (namely, Richard Harland’s “Worldshaker” series, James Roy’s “Ichabod Hart and the Lighthouse Mystery”, Margo Lanagan’s short story “Machine Maid” and a new book none of us have read yet which is called “Wanted: One Scoundrel, Jenny Schwartz”).

An audience member pointed out that no single work of steampunk has truly hit the mainstream in a recognisable way, and we agreed. Which means the market is still a living, vibrant thing – and there for the taking.

Unable to wear my corset, I went for more of a dieselpunk look – and grabbed the best-dressed audience member for this photo:


 The audience member happened to be the renowned fantasy artist Marilyn Pride.

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