Picnic in the park

There is a park near our house, so CJ and I carried a picnic blanket, food, and an Ana over for a lazy lunch.


The ants arrived with impressive speed, and we knew our picnic was complete.

Little did we know, nature had far more in store for us.




Ana is a stone-cold killer and all the wildlife in our area knows it. Look at her cute and murderous eyes!


At first she was nervous of the open spaces all around, but she quickly recovered and decided to pursue a bird she spotted in this tree.



 That was when things got interesting. The bird was a young magpie. Two others immediately swooped in to cordially suggest that Ana desist from her attentions. She ran and hid in a bush (you can just see her face on the right).


Taking a hint is not, however, Ana’s forté. So she bade her time, and then launched herself back at the tree like a demented koala:



She’s not actually good at climbing trees, so CJ and I took pictures between giggles as she jumped from branch to branch, pausing only to flail helplessly (much like all those “hang in there” kitty posters you all have on your walls).


 Its protectors didn’t bother returning.

At which point we plucked Ana from the tree before she hurt herself, and went home.

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