“Soulless” by Gail Carriger: hilarious steampunk

I promised to review a book that I really liked, and this is it.

It stands alone, but is the first of many Alexia books by the delectable Gail Carriger.

This review has been moved to Comfy Chair, where I get paid for it.



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9 responses to ““Soulless” by Gail Carriger: hilarious steampunk

  1. CJ

    It was a lot of fun watching your face while you read that last naughty bit. I’ve seldom seen you blush so much.

    • Louise Curtis

      CJ: You’re a bad man.

    • Ann

      Having lost all sense of decency, I bet it won’t make me blush! Naughty bits are always funny… I even occasionally pick up a Mills & Boon for the comedy value….

      • Louise Curtis

        Ann: Try having someone watching you read. . . that’ll make you blush. I’m afraid you can’t borrow it – not from us, anyway. We borrowed it from the library.

      • Ann

        I really do have to invest in a full library membership……

      • Louise Curtis

        Ann: Libraries are goooood. Especially for someone like you, who likes obscure classics.

  2. Ann

    Can I borrow it?

  3. Ben (Crispin)

    ‘I really do have to invest in a full library membership’

    You do know that it’s free, right?

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