#283: World Map of Food

This all started way back here.

I’ve mentioned that mashed potato inspired me as I prepared for the Epic International Feast. Here’s the result:

And yep, we ate it all.

At the poles there are cups of ice (which are melting in a realistic manner).

The Americas (from top to bottom) are represented by maple syrup and pancakes for Canada; coke (in a bowl) for the USA; tacos (with beef, corn, and tomato) for Mexico; chocolate for Central America; Brazil nuts for Brazil; easy-to-shape mashed potato for Argentina.

Africa (from bottom to top) is represented by banana; coconut; sweet potato; halva (very popular in West Africa); mango; historic bread and honey for Egypt.

Europe is represented by Devonshire Tea for the UK; a savoury French tart; Italian crosstata fruit pie.

The Middle East is represented by Turkish Delight; hummus; baklava.

Asia gets caviar (and mini toast) for Russia; sushi for Japan; dim sum dumplings and soy sauce for China; butter chicken on naan bread for India.

Australiasia has satay for Indonesia; muli wari (lemonade) for Papua New Guinea; macadamias for Australia; kiwifruit for New Zealand.

You can post this map and/or the food list anywhere you like as long as you link back to this blog.

And yes, I know I missed a lot of great food, and made some odd choices in order to balance the map (a lot of food is well-known for coming from a lot of places/Europe is seriously small) and to pick only dishes that I like.

The only food not bought in a supermarket (or made from supermarket ingredients) was halva, which I bought at a Middle Eastern shop. During the party I discovered it’s traditional fare at Christmas in Spain. Yay for multiculturalism.

The above photo was taken while standing on a chair, as demonstrated here by the bearded brigade:

About twenty people contributed by bringing various dishes. Here’s one last delicious photo before we started eating:

Mari makan!

Tuck in y’all!

Hen hao!

‘Ave a go then, gov’nor!

Kaikai i winim me!

Nom nom!

4 thoughts on “#283: World Map of Food

    • Jolyon: Thanks 🙂 I divided the evening into four courses – savoury appetisers, mains, dessert, and supper (devonshire tea and the lollies). It worked surprisingly well.

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