#204: Sculpture Garden

Canberra’s National Gallery was built by orcs. It is designed to confuse and infuriate. Much as I generally like at least some of the art, I spend every visit to the National Gallery in a state of disoriented confusion due to the strange permutations of the building’s many and winding concrete corridors.

My favourite part of the gallery is outside – the sculpture garden, set amongst flourishing trees and shrubs and grass beside Lake Ginninderra. I wrote about it (for money! Yay!) here.

Today is the last day of September, so here’s your last “Killer Robot Cat” tale. I call it: “Peace in our time?” because Ana’s opiates made her so sleepy that (for once) she didn’t hassle Indah (the grey one, who is 13) and they were able, briefly, to get along. Yay for drugs.

Tomorrow, as the “Zeppelin Jack and the Deadly Dueller” twittertale begins, I’ll also be launching Steampunk Earth Day for Saturday October 30. It’s a lot like Earth Hour, but with more options and better outfits.

More data tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “#204: Sculpture Garden

  1. Hey beautiful girl……did you know that your godfather built the National
    Gallery? It’s true. He did. Is it bad for me that I am married to an orc?

    • Oh, how embarrassing (for me, not him I hope)! He’s a charmingly eccentric orc, if so. *frantic scramble to make it better*

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